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Added a press release on the association between extreme scintillation and hot stars. Paper published in ApJ today.

Added a scientific paper describing ATESE data and analysis of the Intra-Day Variable quasar PMN J1106-3647.

News of latest ATESE result: intra-hour variability of B1322-110, and its proximity to Spica; analysis of published data on two IDVs, and conclusions regarding the circumstellar medium of hot stars.
Added a scientific paper describing the foregoing results.

Commentary on ATESE first results. Scientific papers describing: the first lensing event studied by ATESE; theoretical modelling of that lensing event; and, cosmic-ray heat input to the interstellar medium. Three new presentations added.

Added brief commentary on the possibility of a Paleon interpretation of the dips in KIC8462852

New scientific paper on the dielectric properties of solid hydrogen.

Home Page: Picture of Cole Classic open water swim (Manly, 2015/02/01); Information on International Year of Light 2015.
Added this "What's New?" page.
Minor update of the Interstellar Scintillation project page.
Added information on the Australia Telescope Extreme Scattering Events project.
Two new members of the Research Committee.
Two new scientific research papers added.
Six new scientific presentations added.

Website launched